CS International 2021 Agenda

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Tuesday 9th November 2021 starting at 08:00 BST
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Chris Meadows, Conference Chair
Satisfying demand for more data Sponsored by JTA/Takatori
09:00 Enabling wider mobile bandwidth no matter what frequency you choose.
Presented by Ben Thomas - Qorvo
09:25 Presentation Title to be Confirmed
09:45 Millimetre-wave MMICs and integrated solutions enabling high-throughput 5G deployments
Presented by Eric Leclerc - United Monolithic Semiconductors
10:05 The future of Germanium: Breakthrough Opportunities
Presented by Pieter Arickx - Umicore
10:25 Improving yield for 5G market through defect inspection and metrology
Presented by Varun Gupta - KLA Corporation
10:45 5G drives Compound Semi business expansion
Presented by Claire Troadec - Yole Développement
11:05 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Seeking new opportunities for LEDs and lasers Sponsored by Inspectrology
11:35 Improving the architecture of the GaN VCSEL
Presented by Tatsushi Hamaguchi - Sony Corp.
12:00 Can MicroLEDs and Laser Diodes revolutionize the Solid State Lighting Industry?
Presented by Pars Mukish - Yole Développement
12:20 Refining microLED technology
Presented by Wei Sin Tan - Plessey Semiconductors
12:40 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
13:55 New Atomic Layer Deposition applications for enhanced LED’s and Lasers
Presented by Dr Mikko Söderlund - Beneq
14:15 Advanced technology of plasma dicing for GaAs VCSEL
Presented by Shogo Okita - Panasonic
14:35 Optimizing 200mm Metal Lift-off for Smaller Dimensions
Presented by Philip Greene - Ferrotec
14:55 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
15:25 Recent trends in LED and LASER diode device material characterization
Presented by Yves Lacroix - YSystems Ltd
15:45 Highly uniform thin films and tool stability - key drivers for future LED display production
Presented by Stefan Seifried - Evatec
16:05 Customer-specific VCSELs and VCSEL arrays technology development
Presented by Marcin Gębski - VIGO System
16:25 Cost-Effective Probing in High Volume Manufacturing of MicroLEDs
Presented by Samuel Sonderegger - Attolight
16:45 Leading-Edge MOCVD Technology Enabling Next-Generation Photonics Applications
Presented by Mark McKee - Veeco
17:05 Compound Semiconductor Integration – Wafer Bonding towards new Di(e)mensions
Presented by Thomas Uhrmann - EV Group
17:25 Presentation Title to be Confirmed
17:25 Closing Remarks
17:30 Networking Drinks Reception and Dinner
Wednesday 10th November 2021 starting at 08:00 BST
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Chris Meadows, Conference Chair
Ramping volumes in the power electronics sector Sponsored by ClassOne Technology
09:00 Driving the revolution in wide bandgap devices
09:25 The SiC & GaN Power Semiconductor Market: Forecasts and Drivers
Presented by Richard Eden - Omdia
09:45 Driving the adoption of CoolGaN technology
Presented by Gerald Deboy - Infineon
10:05 Solutions for high volume manufacturing of wide bandgap materials
Presented by Jens Voigt - AIXTRON
10:25 Expanding opportunities for 650 V GaN FETs
Presented by Frédéric Dupont - Exagan
10:45 Latest technologies for laser dicing, blade dicing of SiC and new ultra-thin grinding
Presented by Gerald Klug - DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE GmbH
11:05 Reinforcement Factories
Presented by Julie Orlando - Nanotronics
11:25 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
11:55 Using high speed XRDI to improve and monitor SiC substrate quality
Presented by Paul Ryan - Bruker
12:15 Advanced in-situ metrology for high-yield epitaxy of SiC/SiC, GaN/SiC and GaN/Si device structures
Presented by Iris Claussen - Laytec
12:35 Presentation Title to be Confirmed - Revasum
Presented by Rob Rhoades - Revasum
12:55 Unlocking The Full Potential of GaN Power: 650V, 1200V and Beyond Discreet Switches and Monolithic ICs on 200mm QST® Manufacturing Platform
Presented by Vlad Odnoblyudov - QROMIS
13:15 Advanced Plasma Processing solutions enabling the cost down per wafer and critical device performance required to accelerate the HVM of GaN and SiC Power devices.
Presented by Dr Mark Dineen - Oxford Instruments
13:35 Hybrid monocrystalline silicon substrates for III-V heterostructures
Presented by Alexey Redkov - Alterphasic
13:55 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard enterprise
Taking wide bandgap devices to their ultimate limits Sponsored by Precision Fabricators
15:10 Ramping production of gallium oxide diodes and transistors
Presented by Kengo Takeuchi - FLOSFIA
15:35 A New Technology of Commercialization for GaN on Diamond HEMTs
Presented by Won Sang Lee - RFHIC US Corp
15:55 Presentation Title to be Confirmed - Soitec
Presented by Marianne Germain - Soitec
Enhancing the automobile Sponsored by ClassOne Technology
16:15 High-power blue VCSELs and VCSEL arrays
Presented by Masaru Kuramoto - Stanley Electric
16:40 Compound semiconductor adoption by the automotive market
Presented by Ahmed Ben Slimane - Yole Développement
17:00 Electrochemical Deposition of Gold as Optimal Choice for Device Cost and Performance
Presented by John Ghekiere - ClassOne
17:20 New CS Markets Challenge Traditional Reliability Testing Paradigms
Presented by Roland Shaw - Accel RF
17:40 SiC: From Niche to Mass Production
Presented by Aly Mashaly - ROHM Semiconductor
18:00 Speeding On-board Charging with Automotive-qualified GaN FETs
Presented by Philip Zuk - Transphorm
18:20 Closing Remarks
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