CS International 2022 Agenda

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Monday 27th June 2022

18:30 - 21:00 Pre-conference networking drinks reception, organised by AngelTech and EPIC
Tuesday 28th June 2022 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Chris Meadows, Conference Chair
Faster, more frugal networks Sponsored by ClassOne Technology
09:00 Material Processing with Wafer Scale Waves of Precisely Controlled Electrons
Presented by Stewart Sando - Velvetch
09:20 Increasing gold deposition rates through improved fluid motion
Presented by Cody Carter - ClassOne
09:40 Accelerating Production with the Use of Stepper for 5G pHEMTs
Presented by Barry Lin - Wavetek Microelectronics Corp.
10:00 Morning Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
10:30 Implantation and Compound Semiconductor Platforms at the Center of Tomorrows Networks
Presented by Jeremy Turcaud - II-VI
10:50 Designing MMICs for 5G
Presented by Robert Smith - PRFI
11:10 Can advances in compound semiconductors deliver a greener communication infrastructure?
Presented by Eric Higham - Strategy Analytics
11:30 Increasing bandwidth and slashing energy per bit with membrane lasers
Presented by Suguru Yamaoka - NTT
11:50 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
Exploiting GaN's glorious potential
13:05 Enabling Next Generation GaN-based Devices Using Advanced Single-Wafer MOCVD Technology
Presented by Swami Srinivasan - Veeco
13:25 A novel GaN sputter solution for wide band gap (WBG) applications
Presented by Silvan Wuethrich - Evatec AG
13:45 Monolithic and Heterogenous Integration of GaN Technology
Presented by Koon Hoo Teo - Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
14:05 GaN technology goes mainstream - what's next?
Presented by Markus Behet - Soitec
14:25 Enabling High Productivity for GaN Manufacturing Ramp
Presented by Wei Zhao - Onto Innovation
14:45 1200V GaN switches with > 99% efficiency
Presented by Geetak Gupta - Transphorm
15:05 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
15:35 Which GaN solution has most potential?
Presented by Frazer Anderson - Oxford Instruments
15:55 Use cases of optical and electrical metrologies for compound semiconductor market
Presented by Attila Márton - Semilab
16:15 TBA
Presented by Pål Pedersen - Nanotronics
16:35 100-V RF GaN – Chances and Challenges
Presented by Sebastian Krause - Fraunhofer IAF
16:55 Turning to HVPE for the production of vertical devices
Presented by Heather Splawn - Kyma Technologies
17:15 Gallium Nitride stakes its claim to power-conversion champ
Presented by Filippo Di Giovanni - STMicroelectronics
17:35 Closing Remarks
17:40 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception sponsored by Synopsys
Wednesday 29th June 2022 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Chris Meadows, Conference Chair
Building a multi-billion dollar SiC industry
09:00 From devices to modules: The future of SiC
Presented by Peter Friedrichs - Infineon
09:20 The Patenting Activity Unveiling the Future Ecosystem of Silicon Carbide (SiC): How will China play its part in the SiC revolution?
Presented by Rémi Comyn - KnowMade
09:40 Presentation title to be advised
Presented by Poshun Chiu - Yole Développement
10:00 Demand for SiC is ramping fast. But what are chipmakers and material suppliers doing to satisfy this strong demand
Presented by Name to be advised - KLA
10:20 Morning Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
Superior surface-emitters
10:50 Stretching VCSELs to the UV
Presented by Åsa Haglund - Chalmers University
11:10 The benefits of adding integrated optics to the VCSEL
Presented by Roman Koerner - TRUMPF
11:30 VCSELs: Switching the substrate to improve production
Presented by Andrew Johnson - IQE
11:50 Dry Etching and Plasma Dicing Technology for Compound Semiconductor Materials
Presented by Toshiyuki Takasaki - Panasonic
12:10 In-situ metrology and ex-situ wafer mapping for compound semiconductor manufacturing
Presented by Kolja Haberland - LayTec AG
12:30 VCSELs on Germanium: when will Ge substitute GaAs in high volume production?
Presented by Ivan Zyulkov - Umicore
12:50 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
Multiple markets for microLEDs Sponsored by ClassOne Technology
14:05 Cost-Effective Probing in High Volume Manufacturing of MicroLEDs
Presented by Samuel Sonderegger - Attolight
14:25 MicroLEDs for structured illumination
Presented by Jan Gülink - Qubedot
14:45 LightBundle™ - microLED based optical interconnects with 10Tbps/mm² @ < 0.5pJ/bit for chip-to-chip communications
Presented by Jerome Veyret - Avicena
15:05 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
15:35 Enhancing microLED performance with microstructures
Presented by Tongtong Zhu - Porotech
15:55 Advancing the microLED with a silicon foundation
Presented by Alexander Loesing - Allos Semiconductors
16:15 Speeding Production of microLED Displays with Fluidic Assembly
Presented by Paul Schuele - eLux
16:35 Closing Remarks
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 26 May 2022 at 11:22pm.