CS International 2024 Agenda

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Monday 15th April 2024 starting at 18:30 CET
18:30 Pre-conference networking drinks reception
Tuesday 16th April 2024 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Chris Meadows and Tim Bettles - Conference Chairs
Ensuring SiC's phenomenal success
09:00 Silicon Carbide: a game changer in power electronics
Presented by Mario Saggio - STMicroelectronics
09:15 Supporting SiC Success Stories Through Technical Innovation
Presented by David Liese - htt Group, and Michael Köppl - htt Group
09:30 Next-Generation Factory Inspection: Improving Performance by Synthesizing Intelligent Microscopy with AI-backed Process Control
Presented by Sanjay Raveendranath - Nanotronics
09:45 Challenges in HVM Amidst Evolving Device Architectures and Requirements for Compound Semiconductor based Power Devices
Presented by Nick Keller - Onto Innovation
10:00 Presentation by Malvern Panalytical
Presented by Lars Grieger - Malvern Panalytical
10:15 Sample preparation and TEM imaging techniques for advanced power device analysis
Presented by Antonio Mani - Thermo Fisher Scientific
10:30 Morning Break
11:10 Giving SiC a superjunction
Presented by Reza Ghandi - GE Aerospace
11:25 The Unspoken Impacts of SiC Power Packaging
Presented by Kevin Speer - Microchip
11:40 Challenges and solutions in new generation SiC metrology
Presented by Dr. Eszter Najbauer - Semilab
11:55 Accelerating semiconductor technologies for the green revolution
Presented by Shiva Rai - Applied Materials
12:10 Presentation by AK Optics Technology Co. Ltd
Presented by Aris Ma - AK Optics Technology Co. Ltd
12:25 Presentation by C&D Semiconductor
Presented by Brian Stickney - C & D Semiconductor
12:40 Lunch Break
13:55 Enabling Low Cost SiC Boule Fabrication – The BoulePro 200AX is the New Process Of Record
Presented by Jeff Gum - Usach, and Martin Nobs - Usach
14:10 Industry ready detection of TSDs and BPDs in SiC wafers
Presented by Dr.-Ing. Christian Reimann - Fraunhofer IISB
14:25 Cutting-edge SiC Manufacturing: Beyond Chemical-Mechanical Constraints
Presented by Philipp Böttger - scia Systems GmbH
14:40 Modernizing Industrial Low Voltage Motor Drives with Silicon Carbide
Presented by Pranjal Srivastava - Wolfspeed
14:55 PulseForge and Teikoku Taping Systems Announce Novel Fully Automated Photonic Debonding Platform
Presented by Vahid Akhavan - PulseForge (in association with Teikoku Taping Systems Inc)
15:10 Coating at its best - Spraying graphite parts with tantalum carbide cuts the cost of producing SiC crystals
Presented by Dr.-Ing. Matthias Trempa - Fraunhofer IISB
15:25 Powering the SiC Revolution with Vertical Integration
Presented by Ajay Poonjal Pai - Sanan
15:40 Afternoon Break
Taking power from the photon
16:20 Record-breaking solar cells
Presented by Dr. Oliver Höhn - Fraunhofer ISE
16:35 Integrated storage unlocks CPV's full potential
Presented by Kira Rundel - RayGen
16:50 Germanium Substrates for Photonics and PV: Ensuring Supply Security, Advancing Recycling and Enabling CMOS integration
Presented by Ivan Zyulkov - Umicore
17:05 Lattice-matched III-V solar cells. Progress and application opportunities
Presented by Prof. Mircea Guina - Tampere University
New frontiers for the LED
17:20 Development of far-UVC LEDs for sensing and skin tolerant antisepsis
Presented by Sven Einfeldt - FBH Berlin
17:35 Heterogenous Integration of Compound Semiconductors by W2W and D2W Bonding
Presented by Anton Alexeev - EV Group
17:50 Making monolithic RGB displays with InGaN
Presented by WonTaeg Lim - Soft-Epi
18:05 Closing Remarks
18:10 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception
Wednesday 17th April 2024 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Conference Chair
Accelerating the growth of GaN Sponsored by Precision Fabricators
09:00 Where will GaN Power Semiconductors find their greatest success in the 2020s?
Presented by Richard Eden - Omdia
09:15 The strengths of IC enhancement-mode GaN
Presented by Andrea Bricconi - Cambridge GaN Devices
09:30 AIXTRON Epitaxy Solutions for GaN based Compound Semiconductors
Presented by Nicolas Muesgens - Aixtron
09:45 Harnessing the Power of RF GaN-on-Si Technology for Next Generation Connectivity
Presented by Nadine Collaert - imec
10:00 Accelerating the Growth of GaN-based Power Electronics Via Adoption of 300mm Technology
Presented by Rudy Parekh - Veeco
10:15 Next Level Epitaxy: Revolutionizing Mass Production of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
Presented by Ghassan Barbar - Element3-5 GmbH
10:30 Morning Break
11:10 Considerations for Tool-To-Tool Matching Across a Fleet of Metrology Tools
Presented by Mark Vermeulen - Bruker
11:25 Connected metrology – Full 2D characterization of HEMT device structure epi-wafers
Presented by Johannes Zettler - LayTec AG
11:40 Emerging Growth Opportunities for MBE in GaN
Presented by Brian Miller - Riber
11:55 Commercialization of buffer-free GaN on SiC materials for defense, space, telecom markets and beyond
Presented by Jr-Tai Chen - SweGaN
12:10 Numerical design propels RF and power GaN technology
Presented by Ahmed Nejim - Silvaco
12:25 Solving the EMC and thermal issues of driving GaN at high speed
Presented by Rob Gwynne - Quantum Power Transformation
12:40 Presentation by IQE
Presented by Name to be advised - IQE
12:55 Lunch Break
Expanding horizons for surface emitters
14:10 VCSELs: Driving Innovations in 3D Sensing and Data Communication
Presented by Ali Jaffal - Yole Group
14:25 Vertilas InP VCSELs to address fast growing and novel applications at and beyond 1.3 µm
Presented by Christian Neumeyr - Vertilas
14:40 Expanding the scope of VCSELs through wavelength extension, added functionality and high power density
Presented by Julien Boucart - Coherent
14:55 Speeding VCSEL feedback
Presented by Samuel Shutts - ICS
15:10 Building, powerful, blue-surface-emitting SLEDs
Presented by Juan Morales - iSLight
15:25 Novel high-power VCSEL laser modules for Battery Manufacturing
Presented by Roman Koerner - TRUMPF
15:40 Placing photonic crystal nano-lasers to silicon
Presented by Mingchu Tang - University College London
15:55 Closing Remarks
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