2014 Event

CS International 2014

35 presentations equipped delegates with a comprehensive overview of the compound semiconductor industry

Richard Stevenson

Richard Stevenson, CS International Conference Programme Manager and CS Magazine Editor reflects on the 2014 event.

Around 300 delegates and over 30 sponsors descended on Frankfurt for the fourth CS International Conference, which was held at the Sheraton Airport Hotel 18th-19th March 2014.

This must-attend event for the leaders of the compound semiconductor industry set a new standard for its number of presentations.

The conference covered all aspects of the industry, with presentations grouped into six key themes:

  • Power Electronics
  • LEDs
  • Integration of CMOS and III-Vs
  • Wide Bandgap RF Devices
  • Front-ends for Mobile Devices
  • Lasers, PICs & PV

Presentations on these topics highlighted the growing penetration of compound semiconductors into the silicon industry, and the use of silicon in the making of III-V chips. Leading developers of next-generation CMOS, such as IBM and Imec, are pioneering approaches to integrate high-mobility materials, for example InGaAs, into the channels of transistors in microprocessors, while silicon substrates are viewed as a low-cost platform for making LEDs, as well also power and RF electronics based on GaN.

Meanwhile, power amplifiers that are based on silicon are starting to go head-to-head with those made from GaAs for deployment in the latest smartphones. It appears that devices based on CMOS will gain market share, but GaAs will dominate the market for many years to come.