Two days, 5 themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentations at CS International 2024 are grouped into 5 key themes which collectively provided complete coverage of the compound semiconductor industry.

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Accelerating the growth of GaN

The growth of GaN power devices is taking off. But where are the biggest opportunities, and what's the best way to exploit them?

New frontiers for the LED

The two most promising approaches to grow the revenue of the LED are to miniaturise this device and increase its performance in the deep UV. But what’s the key to generating substantial sales?

Ensuring SiC's phenomenal success

What's needed to swell SiC revenue to $10 billion per year? And how should fabs streamline their production to maximise profitability?

Expanding horizons for surface emitters

What are the next lucrative opportunities for the VCSEL? And where can surface emitters, such as superluminescent LEDs and PCSELs, enjoy their greatest success?

Taking power from the photon

What roles can compound semiconductor chips play in a greener world? And what can be done to make multi-junction cells more competitive?