Two days, five themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentation at CS International 2022 are grouped into five key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the compound semiconductor industry.

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Faster, more frugal networks

What are the device technologies for rolling out millimetre-wave 5G? And what are the laser architectures for more-efficient optical networks?

Multiple markets for microLEDs

Is the microLED just a device for building better displays? Or can this miniature marvel also serve in other sectors, by transforming local data transfer and enabling superior optical engines?

Building a multi-billion dollar SiC industry

Demand for SiC is ramping fast. But what are chipmakers and material suppliers doing to satisfy this strong demand?

Superior surface-emitters

How are VCSELs evolving, to provide a better performance? And what does the future hold for alternative forms of surface emitter, such as the SLED and PCSEL?

Exploiting GaN's glorious potential

GaN a great material for power and RF, thanks to its capabilities to handle incredibly high power densities and block hundreds of volts. But of the many market opportunities, which ones are offering the biggest return?