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CS international 2017

Great talks, record attendance and an expanded exhibition hall propel CS International to a new level

This year’s CS International excelled on many fronts, combining insightful presentations on key issues with great attendance figures and a packed exhibition hall.

For the first time in its seven-year history, CS International co-located with PIC International and the inaugural IoT International. This move gave those attending, which numbered well over 500, the opportunity to pick and choose from nearly a hundred talks spread over three events.

During breaks in the talks at this two-day meeting, held on 7-8 March at the Sheraton Hotel at Brussels airport, delegates approached the makers of tools, materials and other services in an exhibition hall featuring more than 50 sponsors.

One of the highlights of CS International came in the session ‘Optimising light emitters’, when representatives from Sanan Optoelectronics, Lumileds and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offered insights into their activities.

Troy Hsu, CTO of Sanan, outlined the tremendous capacity of this Chinese chipmaker. It has 6000 employees, produces 55 percent of all of China’s LEDs, and has an epitaxial capacity that is equivalent to 259 Veeco K465i MOCVD reactors. Sanan is vertically integrated, making its own sapphire substrates, and manufacturing a vast range of products. In addition to visible GaN and AlInGaP LEDs, it is producing UV and infra-red LEDs, along with microwave and optical communication devices.

Talks from Lumileds and OSRAM offered routes to improving LED performance. This included strategies to narrow the emission profile from LEDs, and ways to cut droop, both from the LED chip and the phosphor.

For GaN RF chips, one of the big questions is what is the most appropriate substrate for various applications. Within the session ‘Revolutionising GaN RF chips’, CTO of Wolfspeed, John Palmour, argued the case for SiC — and Michael Ziehl, Vice President and General Manager, Multi-Market business unit at MACOM, extolled the virtues of a silicon platform. A difference of opinion emerged on the thermal conductivity of these two substrates, which is important for thermal management.

The session entitled ‘Perfecting power electronics’ included a keynote from Toshimi Hitora, CEO of gallium oxide start-up FLOSFIA. This company is pioneering the commercialisation of Ga2O3 power devices. They have a bandgap of over 5 eV and promise massive energy savings by delivering an 86 percent reduction in on-resistance compared with SiC. Having just raised $7 million to establish chip manufacture, the company is well-positioned to realise its aim of mass production of diodes in 2018, and commercialisation of FETs the following year.

On Day 1 of the Conference, winners of the 6th coveted CS Industry Awards were announced in 4 categories:

  1. Device Design & Packaging: Qorvo
  2. Substrates & Materials: Element Six
  3. High-volume Manufacturing: Oxford Instruments
  4. Innovation: IBM





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Agenda 2017
Day 1 - Tuesday 7th March 2017
Start Finish Speaker Presentation Title
08:00 08:50 REGISTRATION - Including tea/coffee
08:50 09:00 HOUSEKEEPING - Andrew Nelson, Conference Chair

Refining communication technologies

09:00 09:25 Zach Griffith, Teledyne Technologies
InP HBTs for high-power 70 to 500 GHz amplification: Its status today and where it is going
09:25 09:45 Asif Anwar, Strategy Analytics
The foundry of the 2020's
09:45 10:05 Dylan Kelly, Murata The All-Silicon Handset—Transforming the Vision into a Reality
10:05 10:25 Bernd Heinz, Evatec Al(1-x)ScxN films for use in RF devices
10:25 10:45 David Danzilio, WIN Semiconductors Advancing GaAs Integration
10:45 11:15 COFFEE BREAK

Exploiting heterogeneous integration

11:15 11:40 Daniel Green, DARPA
Advancing technology with heterogeneous integration
11:40 12:00 Soon-Fatt Yoon, Nanyang Technological University Heterogeneous integration of III-V devices on Silicon with ultra-thin buffer utilising interfacial misfit dislocations
12:00 12:20 Jesus A Del Alamo, Microsystems Technology Laboratories Refining the III-V finFET
12:20 12:40 Nadine Collaert, imec Looking for the ultimate low-power switch: the promise of tunnel FETs
12:40 13:40 LUNCH BREAK
13:40 14:00 Veeresh Deshpande, IBM Advancing CMOS and going beyond, with III-V channels
14:00 14:20 Shengkai Wang, Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences III-Vs and germanium for future logic
14:20 14:40 Arnaud Furnemont, imec 3D NAND scaling: an opportunity for alternative channel materials
14:40 15:00 Gerard Colston, Advanced Epi Materials & Devices Silicon carbide heteroepitaxy for mass production of semiconductor devices
15:00 15:20 Julie Orlando, Nanotronics Leveraging Computer Vision, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence to Assign Causality of Defects
15:20 15:40 Reinhard Windemuth, Panasonic Solutions for wafer-level packaging
15:40 16:00 AFTERNOON TEA

Optimising light emitters  - Sponsored By

16:00 16:25 Hsu Chen Ke, Sanan Optoelectronics
Creating the biggest and best LED chipmaker in China
16:25 16:45 Oleg Shchekin, Lumileds Non-linear processes in LEDs and engineering for efficiency at high power densities
16:45 17:05 Martin Behringer, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LED - more than just a light emitting cube
17:05 17:25 Tatsushi Hamaguchi, Sony Corporation Fulfilling the promise of the GaN VCSEL
17:25 17:45 Bedwyr Humphreys, Seren Photonics Overcoming the green gap using semi-polar GaN
17:45 17:55 CLOSING REMARKS - Andrew Nelson, Conference Chair

Day 2 - Wednesday 8th March 2017
Start Finish Speaker Presentation Title
08:00 08:50 REGISTRATION - Including tea/coffee
08:50 09:00 HOUSEKEEPING - Andrew Nelson, Conference Chair

Revolutionising Gallium Nitride RF chips

09:00 09:25 John Palmour, Wolfspeed
GaN-on-SiC RF: Poised for rapid adoption
09:25 09:45 Zhen Zong, Yole Développement
GaN RF industry: landscape and future evolution
09:45 10:05 Rocco Giofrè, University of Rome Tor Vergata GaN Doherty amplifiers for backhaul radio links
10:05 10:25 Michael Ziehl, MACOM The virtues of GaN-on-silicon
10:25 10:50 COFFEE BREAK

Perfecting power electronics

10:50 11:15 Toshimi Hitora, FLOSFIA
Unleashing the potential of gallium oxide
11:15 11:35 Sudhakar Raman, Veeco Enabling 5G RF-GaN Electronics through Innovative MOCVD Technology
11:35 11:55 John Voltz, Ferrotec Bigger wafers for heterogenous devices?
11:55 12:15 Cem Basceri, Quora Technology 8-inch Diameter High voltage GaN power device wafers enabling unmatched cost, performance and application scale
12:15 12:35 Edwin Chew, KLA-Tencor SiC and GaN Defect Inspection for Power Device Market
12:35 12:55 Jens Voigt, AIXTRON Establishing the tool-of-record for wide bandgap device manufacturing
12:55 13:45 LUNCH BREAK
13:45 14:05 Torsten Stoll, Nanometrics Study of Deep Ultra Violet Optical Property of AlGaN/GaN 2DEG Heterostructures
14:05 14:25 Markus Behet, EpiGaN From Hype to Reality: GaN/Si - where are we today?
14:25 14:45 Ke Xu, Nanowin Bulk GaN substrate grown by HVPE
14:45 15:05 Presentation to be announced
15:05 15:25 Frédéric Dupont, Exagan Driving the GaN Power Device roadmap for large scale adoption
15:25 15:45 Sujit Banerjee, Monolith Semiconductor Slashing chip costs with SiC-on-silicon
15:45 16:05 Isik Kizilyalli, ARPA-E Current topics in electronic devices based on wide band-gap semiconductors for power applications and energy efficiency
16:05 16:15 CLOSING REMARKS - Andrew Nelson, Conference Chair

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